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Vladimir Potanin was interviewed for the the Coutts Institute report “Millions for charity: analysis of private charity in Russia”.

The first of its kind report on Russia was published November 12 and discloses data about the amount and function of donations of $1 million and more made by Russian citizens. 

Vladimir Potanin spoke about the grounds of his philanthropy, named its main priorities and shared his view on the present and future of charity in Russia. 

Vladimir Potanin: “I think that charity is the main indicator for the degree of development of civil society and the entire country. In countries like Great Britain and USA charity rests on long-standing traditions: kids begin to be involved in charity projects since childhood. In Russia philanthropy isn't treated like that. That's why it's vital to change the paradigm via changing laws and society's attitude towards charity. It's very important to make people believe that it's possible to make good deeds without any benefits, not counting the feeling of pertinence and truthfulness”. 
Director of the Coutts Institute Lenka Setkova mentioned: “Charity isn't only about figures. Charitiy is driven by values, ambitions, perspectives and concerns. Charity can enrich lives of philanthropist and their families. It can be clearly seen through the example of philanthropists who were interviewed within the context of preparing this report. We are much obliged to Vladimir Potanin for his story about his way to philanthropy“. 

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