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Night Hockey League to Start its 10th Season
On November 21-22, the Night League Marathon took place. Famous athletes, honored doctors and key public figures of the Russian regions became guests of the festival in the cities of the marathon.

The main event of the marathon - the Legends Match - was held on November 21. The meeting took place in the complex «Luzhki» near Moscow, where a gala match «Link of Generations» took place almost a year ago. The legends of Russian hockey - Alexey Kasatonov, Pavel Bure, Vyacheslav Fetisov and many others - took part in the main match. Vladimir Potanin, Roman Rotenberg - the first vice-president of the Russian Ice Hockey Federation, and even the Russian national team player Alexander Ovechkin also took to the ice with them.

«The tenth season of the Night Hockey League opened in this difficult year, as if challenging both pandemics and all our everyday problems», said Vladimir Potanin, Chairman of the Board of Trustees of the Night Hockey League, President of Norilsk Nickel. - Today's restrictions are temporary, hockey and mass sports will always be in our life. Almost four generations of our legends gathered today on one site and paid tribute to those thousands of amateurs who root for them, admire them and, having their example before their eyes, go out on the ice ».
The tournament has already started in 30 regions out of 76 announced for the season. The Night League did one more good deed - in fact, it saved the amateur Women's Hockey League. Due to all the coronavirus problems, hundreds of amateur hockey players were left without a tournament. After the New Year, women players will be able to start a new season under the wing of the Night League.

«We can proudly say that this year we have a large replenishment - the Women's Hockey League, which is joining us on full rights. For this we thank our sponsors - in particular, the Norilsk Nickel company and its president V. Potanin», said Kasatonov.