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Rosa Khutor to Explore Unique Birds in the Western Caucasus
Rosa Khutor resort launched a new environment project in order to aggregate long-term observations and make a description of the avifauna species of the resort and its environs, and assess the status of rare bird populations. Following the results of the research, ornithologists will provide recommendations on the well-being of nesting, migrating and wintering birds in the resort, including the calculation of technical solutions and costs.

"The study and preservation of the natural heritage is the priority of the Rosa Khutor resort. We are fortunate to work in a region with an impressive avifauna. We notice birds in everyday life, but we know almost nothing about their species diversity, or about their place in the ecosystem. We plan to implement a research project together with specialists from the Sochi National Park. Based on its results, we will gain knowledge to ensure the favorable coexistence of birds and people. We hope that over time we will offer our guests, especially children, interesting scientific and educational workshops with immersion in the world of birds of the Western Caucasus, "said Dmitry Kolosov, Director of Environmental Protection and Sustainable Development of the Rosa Khutor Resort.