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Interros exits from Petrovax Pharm
Petrovax shares are acquired by the company's management headed by its president Mikhail Tsyferov and VB Partners investment company.

“Interros investment strategy implies selecting projects where the Group can make a significant contribution and give a new impetus to business. Over eight years of joint work, Interros's expertise helped the company create a new enterprise structure, add professional managers to the team, and define a new business development strategy. Over the past year, large-scale investments have been made to produce a wide range of new medicines. Now Petrovax is entering a new stage of development – the stage of organic growth. Interros, as an investor, considers its mission accomplished. I am confident that the new shareholders will lead the company to further success.” – said Sergey Batekhin, Interros General Director.

Petrovax Pharm portfolio includes its own original drugs, localized drugs and vaccines, as well as generic drugs and dietary supplements. The company has its own research and development center and an investment program for R&D, is the owner of patents in Russia and abroad for molecules and production technologies. Petrovax is Russia's largest exporter of original medicines and vaccines; medicines are supplied to 12 countries of the EAEU and the EU. The company's partners are the leading international pharmaceutical concerns Pfizer, Abbott, Boehringer Ingelheim, ISU ABXIS.

Petrovax investment strategy is aimed at the development, production and import substitution of drugs used to treat socially significant diseases, such as cancer, autoimmune, infectious and orphan diseases.

“We are grateful to Interros for their expertise and contribution to the development of our company that has gone through a significant transformation and managed to occupy new niches in the pharmaceutical markets not only in Russia but also abroad. The buyout of this asset is the next logical step in our development: the new shareholder structure will allow the company to continue to grow and provide comfort for all stakeholders.” – said Petrovax President Mikhail Tsyferov.

Interos believes that VB Partners’ participation in the deal will help realize the potential of Petrovax Pharm. The company's strategy is aimed at creating and investing in sustainable businesses with a clear business model and effective management - which fully reflects the vision of both the Petrovax team and the selling party.