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Rosa Khutor
1800 m
is the elevation difference on the slopes of the resort. The length of the tracks is more than 105 km
Rosa Khutor is a year-round mountain resort located on the banks of the Mzymta River and the mountain slopes south of it in the Adler region of Sochi. The main sports venue for the XXII Olympic Winter Games and XI Paralympic Winter Games 2014, Rosa Khutor is one of the youngest mountain resorts in the world and the largest and fastest growing in Russia. 

The idea of building a world-class mountain ski resort in Russia first came up in 2002. However, Sochi's winning bid to host the 2014 Olympic Winter Games made Rosa Khutor one of the key venues of the Olympics, expanding the scope of the project and increasing funding for the project many times over. Investments in construction amounted to about 69 billion rubles, both own and borrowed funds.
“In 2002 the Alpine World Ski Championships were held in Austria. Coincidentally, Vladimir Putin was there on a visit at the same time. The president and chancellor of Austria invited him to go skiing, and he, in turn, invited me and some other people to come along and keep him company.

We started talking: why don't we have wonderful mountain resorts like this in our country? And so we began working on the idea of creating the Rosa Khutor resort. A well-known Canadian company helped us put the project together. They mentioned in passing that the area around Krasnaya Polyana is the best undeveloped site in the world. That meant it would be a sin not to develop it!”

Vladimir Potanin


The resort was designed and built in line with environmental standards and in partnership with the World Wildlife Fund. More than 40,000 trees and shrubs were planted as part of compensatory environmental measures, members of rare amphibian species were relocated to areas not undergoing construction, and rare plant species were replanted in neighboring areas.  
Rosa Khutor's breakneck pace of construction made it the showcase of Olympic Sochi. No other mountain ski resorts of this caliber have been built in the past 20 or 30 years. The capacity of the resort is 20 thousand people a day.
“It probably wouldn't be an exaggeration to say that there is nothing like it in Russia, at least not thus far. A unique resort was built in just a few years. It's as if a piece of the Alps or another world-famous site was transplanted to Russia”

Vladimir Potanin
Today it is a dynamic resort. Its employees are committed to make the stay of their guests comfortable, interesting and varied all year round, not forgetting to take care of the environment. In 2018, the Sustainable Resort Development Program was adopted, which covers the main areas that are important for the long-term development of any resort:

The Rosa Khutor team does its best to meet the expectations of those who seek to get acquainted with the magnificent nature of the Caucasian Black Sea region. The main goal is to help the guests of the resort to get to know and love the impressive nature of the Western Caucasus.
Natural heritage is a key asset for the successful development of Rosa Khutor. The resort’s team strives to ensure impeccable compliance with the environmental legislation, protects and enhances the natural resources of the Mzymta River valley. Rosa Khutor annually allocates 25 million rubles for compensatory environmental measures.
Striving to enhance the energy efficiency, the resort's team is improving existing infrastructure, reducing the use of resources, making the stay more comfortable and accessible for its guests.
The Rosa Khutor resort constantly increase the processing of recyclable materials, and reduces  the cost of garbage collection.
The Rosa Khutor team highly values cooperation, supporting like-minded people and strengthening partnership with them. Joint efforts can create things that no one can do alone.
The Rosa Khutor mountain resort is located in the valley of the Mzymta River, the largest river of the Caucasian Black Sea region in Russia. The history of these places goes back to times filled with ancient myths, the glory of great doings, the fates of wonderful people. The Rosa Khutor team diligently collects all the ancient legends and stories and willingly shares them with the guests.
Rosa Khutor ensures that the resort is interesting, open and safe, and the time spent here is useful. And first of all, this applies to children and youth tourism, recreation and sports.

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