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Rosa Khutor
In February 2014, Rosa Khutor hosted the XXII Olympic Winter Games, and in March the XI Paralympic Winter Games. For athletes and sports enthusiasts, a ski center, a snowboard park and a freestyle center (combined into an Extreme Park), a 32-hectare Mountain Olympic Village, a network of modern chairlifts, hotels, apartments, parking lots, shops, and an indoor ice rink were built here.
For the first time in the history of the Olympic Games, all competitions in alpine skiing, freestyle and snowboarding were held at one facility. A distinctive feature of the Rosa Khutor resort has become a single finish area for ski competitions in all Olympic disciplines. Rosa Khutor Extreme Park hosted the first ever Olympic competition in such disciplines as slopestyle and ski halfpipe. FIS Freestyle Coordinator Joseph Fitzgerald named the Rosa Khutor Snowboard Park and Freestyle Center the best extreme park in the world, and the athletes praised the quality of the pistes, their uniqueness and complexity.
The XXII Olympic Winter Games concluded with a decisive victory for the Russian team — 13 gold, 11 silver, and 9 bronze medals. Five medals out of the total - two gold, one silver and two bronze - were won by Russian athletes on the Rosa Khutor slopes. Of the 80 medals won by the Russian national team at the XI Paralympic Winter Games in Sochi, 16 medals were won by alpine skiers on the Rosa Khutor tracks.


Preserving the Olympic heritage and using its potential for the development of sports - this goal became fundamental for Rosa Khutor in the post-Olympic period.

«I do not plan to use this resort as a business entity. I’m not thinking of turning Rosa Khutor into an organization that will bring profit to its shareholders, but rather something like a fund that will promote the development of the resort itself, its sports component».

Vladimir Potanin

Today the resort continues to host major Russian and international competitions. Rosa Khutor is the sole Russian resort that has 13 km of pistes homologated by the International Ski Federation (FIS). In February-March 2016, Rosa Khutor hosted the FIS Alpine Junior Ski Championships. In February 2017 - the 3rd Winter Military World Games. And in March 2017, the competitions of the VI stage of the Russian Cup in snowboard under the auspices of the FIS. In February 2020, within the framework of the only Russian Stage of the FIS Alpine Ski World Cup - Rosa Ski Dream 2020 – Rosa Khutor hosted Women’s Super-G competition.



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